Membership and Communications Secretary

Jane Price

Hannah's first red rosette

The Membership and Communications Secretary for UpAndOver Dog Agility Club is responsible for maintaining the membership list, keeping the waiting list, communicating all club matters to the membership, running our Facebook page and designing the website.  I live near Salisbury and am married but do not have any children, so my dogs are my family.

My family had a dog when I was born—a Cairn Terrier called Bunty. Then, when I was 8, we inherited a Jack  Russell Terrier puppy called Titch who lived for 17 years, by which time, I had left home, been through University and got married. Unfortunately, I did not have a dog of my own until I was 30 - my lifestyle was not suitable. However, during this time I fell in love with Bearded Collies.

Tess and Maren

My first dog, Tess (Black Lilitt vom Karthäuser Hain 1990-2005), was my first slate Beardie, which I bought whilst living in Germany. Maren (Toriavic Bobby Brown 1995-2006), my second was a beautiful brown. They  were both lovely, well-behaved dogs but never did agility; it was only near the end of Maren's life that a friend of mine introduced me to agility, so when Maren passed away I decided my next puppy would start agility when old enough.

Hannah and Ellie

I did the Introduction to agility course with UpAndOver Agility Dogs in October 2007 and have been a member since January 2008. I currently have two Beardies, Hannah (Willowmead Royal Hannah b. 2 August 2006) and Ellie (Willowmead Glenlossie b. 12 April 2011). Hannah is a blue Beardie and Ellie is another lovely brown.  Hannah is currently semi retired, running Anysize/Allsorts/Veteran having progressed from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and running UK Agility Champ Level. She has attained KC Agility Warrant Silver and UK Agility titles WCAP CAPV CSC III OAA OAC.  Ellie is KC Grade 5 and UK Agility Performance Senior Level and Steeplechase Champ Level.  She has attained her Agility Warrant Bronze certificate.

Hannah in the Tuf-e-Nuff Final 2010

Hannah's agility successes include:

  • 4th place in the UK Agility Tug-e-Nuff Final (Novice Dogs) 2010.
  • Semi-finalist in the Starters' Cup at the KC International Agility Festival 2011.
  • Semi-finalist in the UK Agility Games Challenge 2013.
  • Finalist in the UK Agility Games Challenge 2015.
  • Won the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Twyford Majesty Trophy for the best KC Agility results 2011 and 2013
Ellie's first Steeplechase Sep 2012

Ellie's agility successes include: 

  • Finalist in the UK Agility Games Challenge 2014 and 2015
  • Finalist in the UK Agility Dog Central Challenge (Novice Dogs)
  • Won the southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Twyford Majesty Trophy for the best KC Agility results 2014 and 2015

Other than agility, Hannah is multi-talented. She has won out of Pre-Beginners in Obedience, she has learnt tracking and nosework and has won two Bearded Collie Pentathlons; Nosework (search square), Obedience, Agility, Conformation and Scurry (fastest over 100m). Ellie, however, has been brought up just to do agility but is progressing well and I have great hopes for her in the future.

Dee, Fifo, Sandra, Jane, Jan

What I love the most about UpAndOver is not only the brilliant training we receive but also the sense of belonging to a group. The friends I've made at UpAndOver are friends for life and I hope to make many more in the years to come. 






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Tuesday 11th December.


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Next intake 7th February.  see Training and Courses page for details 


UpAndOver Dog Agility Club came into existence on 1 September 2013 but remains very much the same club as it was, under the charge of Mark and Karen Laker, as UpAndOver Agility Dogs.