Vice President

Karen Laker

Karen Laker's Rhyme winning Grade 3 Jumping

My first dog was Misty 1969-1981.  She was a blue tri -coloured Border Collie.  Everywhere I was Misty was through all my teenage years. 

After Misty came Gemma KC name Lady Gemima McTavish 1982- 1998.  She was a smooth coated, blue tri-merle collie cross and started Agility in 1988 with Wallingford DTC through Mark Laker.

Karen and Christie

Millie KC name My Lucky Millie 1990 – 2003 was a tri-coloured WSD and was my first puppy got with agility in mind. She progressed through to Senior (top level at that time).  She was also run by my son, Michael. She was one of the first UpAndover dogs and was a great trainer for people when their own dog wasn’t running.  She’d run for anyone and was such a sweet dog - loved by many.

Christie KC name Lady Christie of Valgray 1995 – 2010 was a red and white Border Collie rescue. She looked after and helped train all our current boys teaching them dog manners. AShe was a real character!

Karen with Torro, Rhyme and Flint

Flint KC name Bekkis Thaumaturge was born  in 1999 and was a half-white faced Border Collie, bought originally for Mark. I started training him when he was a year old and never looked back. He loved Flyball and obtained several flyball dog titles.  Agility took a little while longer to develop but once he got to the top level (Advanced) he qualified for Olympia 3 times, was part of a the winning team for Pedigree Team Relay and runners up for Pedigree Pairs.  Not to mention qualifying for nearly every champ final, runner up Supa dog Final, part of Team Scotland at KC International Festival coming 3rd overall amongst many other qualifiers.  He was a great ambassador for UpAndover.

Rhyme 2nd Grade 4 Agility at Chippenham 6 Oct 2013

Torro KC names Mountlochan McLachlan was born in 2006.  He is a tri-coloured Border Collie and has progressed from G3 to G7 at KC and beginners to Champ at UKA. He’s a great and willing dog, he always tries his very best. He is going to run for Mark next year so watch this space! 

Rhyme KC names Devongem Dante was born 2010 and is also a tri-coloured Border Collie probably the most handsome dog in the world!  He is very talented and it’s been a struggle not to go up the grades too quickly. I’m looking forward to having years of fun with him.