Events Organisers

Sandra Jones and Jemma Parker

Sandra started agility with her first dog, Kip, ten years ago. She has been a huge fan of the sport since then. Together they got to Grade 3 and learnt lots. Even though Kip is nearly 13 years old now she still does anysize classes which she loves and often wins. A great partnership

Sandra’s other dog is Luna, a 6 year old border collie that runs at medium height. Together they have won many awards including competing at the UKA Nationals for several years running. This year they were second in the circular knockout. Luna is currently Grade 7. 

The social side of the sport is the bit that Sandra enjoys the most. She is a regular camper at shows around the area most weekends, and has strong ties with the agility community. Competing at shows regularly is a great way to make friends, and spend time with your dog. Sandra loves it and typically, if you can’t find someone they will be in Sandra’s caravan having a cup of tea and a gossip. Sandra is one half of the Social Manager team at UpAndover which means arranging the party, ring party teams and providing refreshments when visiting trainers come to visit the club. 


Jemma always loved dogs and from a young age she wanted to work with border collies. She started her agility life back in 2008. Her first collie was Jess, and after competing for a few years with numorous successes including reaching Grade 6 and Masters UKA, she was hooked. She got her second collie Mac in 2014 and more recently Lynx in 2017. Her newest collie has just joined the family, although he will be focusing on sheepdog working and trials. 




2019 Important Dates 



Beginners Course

We are full booked at the moment and have no vacancies. The next course is on hold till later in the year. 


28 April - Sunday

Ring Party at Wallingford KC Show - thanks to everyone that took part supporting judge Chris O'Leary.  


Joining the club

The annual subscription is £5. Charges for classes are dependent on the level and day on which you train (please ask when applying to join)  

Annual subscriptions to the club are due on January 1st each year and the AGM is held in the November each year.