KC 2015

Linda Nicholls and Mr Pip take 1st and 2nd at Grade 5 Agility at KC Dordale on 2 and 3 May 2015.  Well done, Linda and Pip - strike 1 - 2 to go!!

KC Vyne 4 May 2015

Jenn Tulk and Herbie take 2nd place in Grade 1 Agility at KC Vyne on 4 May 2015.  You are knocking on the door of Grade 2, Jenn!

Susan Bushell and Betsy come 9th in Grade 3 Agility at KC Vyne on 4 May 2015 - congratulations on your first Grade 3 run!

KC Wallingford 18-19 April 2015

Izzy Monk and Dazzle win Grade 6 Jumping at Wallingford on Saturday 18 April taking them to Grade 7.  Well done, Izzy and Dazzle - now for Championship tickets!!!

Sandra Jones and Luna come 3rd in Grade 1-3 Steeplechase at Wallingford on 19 April 2015

Jenn Tulk and Herbie come 3rd in Grade 1 Jumping, 11th in 1-3 Steeplechase on Saturday, 18 April at Wallingford and come 5th in Grade 1 jumping and clear in 1-3 Steeplechase on Sunday, 19 April 2015

Emily Gallagher and Badger came 8th in Grade 1 Agility and clear in Grade 1 Steeplechase at KC Wallingford on Saturday, 18 April 2015

KC Scunthorpe 11 April 2015

Izzy Monk and Dazzle win Grade 6 Agility at KC Scunthorpe on 11 April 2015 - Strike 3, Izzy, one more to go!!! Well done!

Dog Vegas 4-5 April 2015

Jenn Tulk and Herbie win Grade 1-3 Jumping at Dog Vegas 4 April 2015.

KC Kernow K9 4-5 April 2015

Izzy Monk and Dazzle win Grade 6/7 Agility at KC Kernow K9 Saturday, 4 April 2015. Strike 2 - well done, Izzy and Dazzle!

Annie Synnott and Truffle win Medium 1-2 Agility at Kernow K9 Saturday, 4 April 2015, taking them into G3.

Myerscough Agility Show 21 March 2015

Karen Laker and Rhyme win Grade 6-7 Agility at Myerscough 21 March 2015




2019 Important Dates 

January 8th and 10th 

Club starts back afer the Winter break 


Beginners Course

We are full booked at the moment and have no vacancies. The next course is on hold till later in the year. 


28 April - Sunday

Ring Party at Wallingford KC Show - thanks to everyone that took part supporting judge Chris O'Leary.  


Joining the club

The annual subscription is £5. Charges for classes are dependent on the level and day on which you train (please ask when applying to join)  

Annual subscriptions to the club are due on January 1st each year and the AGM is held in the November each year.