2019 KC & UKA 

Rugby KC December 15/16, 2019


Huge congratulations to Sandra and Gi Gi, at the Rugby KC! They won grade 3 Jumping and also Agility grade 3. Looking forward to tracking their progress in 2020!

Kelluki KC - November 11/12, 2019


A great end to their agility season. Dee and Roo came 1st in combined 4/5 jumping and 3rd in grade 5 jumping at Kelluki on Saturday. Their previous win a few weeks ago means they will start 2020 at grade 6. Congratulations!



Radar and Ruth won G4-5 agility at Kelluki. Very fast course set by Ian Patz which they had to do twice as the timers failed first time- but they did it in style! Start next year Grade 6 - congratulations! 


Well done Zola and Sandrine - they did some nice runs at Kelluki (last KC show this year) finishing 4th (Jumping) and 2nd (agility) in her G5 classes. Hurray! 

UKA Grand Finals - October 26/27, 2019 


Well done to Sandra and Luna - as well as their 2nd place in the team. They came 4th in the CSJ semi-final and 4th in the final overall! Whoop Whoop


Big congratulations to the Witches of Windmill Hill - AKA - Jane and Ellie, Sandra and Luna, and Lily and Scout - not forgetting Fifo and Alfie!

2nd in Agility World Team Tournament today at the UKA Grand Finals



SWAG Beginners Steeplechase Final Midi 
1st Lily and Scout - whoo! 


Go team Sprouty 


SWAG Beginners Steeplechase Final 
Ty won the semi & won the final.

Lynx finished 5th in the semi & 4th in the final.

Go Team Ty and Team Lynx

DOG StreamZ Split Pairs, judged by Jillian Sawyer.

1st place Ruth and Radar, Sandrine and Zola, Go Ginger Ninjas! 

Half Moon Agility Show - October 20, 2019 



First time in the competition ring and wonderful results from Half Moon Agility show. Well done to another UpAndover trainer - Fenella and the gorgeous Radley - whoo whoo! Great results well done!

Kelluki KC - October 20/21, 2019



Well done to trainer Kevin at Kelluki. Two clears and one resulted in a lovely win in grade 4 agility LHO - well done Gibby - Congratulations!


Ty wins G4-5 jumping at Kelluki on Saturday! Only one more strike before they hit Grade 6. Whoop congratulations!


Well done to trainer Dee and her lovely dog, Roo who won G5 agility taking them to grade 6 for next year. Congratulations!

Chippenham KC - October 4-5, 2019 


Well done to Lilly and Scout - they had an amazing weekend at Chippenham...1st in G5 jumping, 1st YKC agility dog of the year qualifier and 3rd in the c1-7 medium ABC qualifier - congratulations! 


Southdowns KC - September 29, 2019 




Sharon & Jemma were celebrating Ty's win at C3-5 agility at Southdowns. — go team!


Big well done to Gaby and Zola this weekend - her second Kennel Club competition and she finished 11th with a clear round, handling Zola in a 1-7 Steeplechase class of about 120 dogs!!! Congratulations!


Sandrine and Zola won G5 agility and G5 jumping at Southdowns (their second show at G5).
Nice pull through at the end! It caught a lot of handlers out - Well done!

Nedlo KC - September 28, 2019



Big well done to Jemma at Nedlo on Saturday - Lynx won G6 jumping & 2nd in G6 agility Ty got 3rd in C1-7 jumping & 3rd in G5 agility! Congratulations

WBSDS - Thame Showground - Sept 23-24, 2019 



On Sunday at WBSDS, Zola and Sandrine qualified for the Dog Vegas Large LHO 1-5 jumping Final - huge congratulations! 


A big congratulations to Lily and Scout for their win at WBSDS Premier & Open Agility show at Thame Showground on September 23-24 - they go into Grade 6 - whoopee!

Gillingham KC - Sept 7/8, 2019 


Well done to Sandrine and Zola at Gillingham this weekend
Two Second places (Combined G3-5 Jumping and Grade 4 Agility) They now have
enough points to apply for our Bronze Agility Warrant
Well done!


Fiona and Bud have had lots of good places this summer. 2nd at Q-Me last weekend, then this weekend at Gillingham he got a 6th on Saturday in the G3-G5 Agility. And on Sunday he won the Grade 4 Jumping, winning his section by over 3 seconds. Well done Team Bud!



Well done to Pat and Che! First in Jumping and 3rd in Agility - hurray! 

Agility Nuts KC - Sept 1, 2019


Three winners at Agility Nuts today! Well done to Sandrine and Zola, Mark and Rythme and Karen and Moog! 





Prestbury Park KC - Sept 1, 2019 



First run at G6 and Lynx/Jemma win!

Well done! 





Hawbridge UKA - August 24/25, 2019


Great win at the Agility World Team Tournament Heat in Hawbridge for the Witches Of Windmill Hill!

Sandra Jones & Luna
Jane Price & Ellie
Fifo Martin & Alfie




Wessex KC at Cranleigh - August 25, 2019


Well done to Sandrine and Zola at the Wessex KC today (Cranleigh showground) they won the combined 1-7 Helter Skelter, and the combined 4-5 agility .... this was the last win they needed to go G5! Huge congratulations!




Agility Club KC - July 21, 2019


Qualifying at Agility Club KC for Medium ABC at KCI in August 2019 - well done Lily and Scout! 

Sherbourne Vale KC - July 21, 2019



Well done to Jemma and Lynx who won the C5-7 jumping & C4-7 agility at the weekend. Only 1 more win to go G6 - hurray!

GT Show July 21, 2019


A big congratulations to Jane and Ellie - winning the 
Norton Rosettes Circular KO Heat from GT July
Maxi Height 

Wellingborough KC, July 7, 2019


Well done to puppy class trainer, Dee and her dog Roo. Three wins this weekend including ABC qualifier and a G5 win at Agility. Hurray! 






Just Sox UKA - July 5/6, 2019


A big hurray and well done to Jane and Ellie! This weekend they came second in The DOG StreamZ Split Pairs Qualifier from Just Sox UKA show with their partners Roz Gentry & Zebulan. Congratulations!




Well done to Sandrine and Zola for winning their first Novice Steeplechase 





Highdown KC - June 24, 2019


Well done to Zola and Sandrine three runs and three wins - Amazing! 
- large jumping graded 3,4
- large agility graded 4,5
- large combined jumping 3-4



Axstane KC - June 16, 2019



Big congratulations to Lily and Scout. 9th in the medium Crufts Abc qualifier out of in a huge class of grade 1 to 7 with some tough partnerships. 

Golden Valley KC  - June 16 2019


Well done to Alison and Daisy who competed at Golden Valley Kennel Club show. They secured a first, second and third place in Grade 5 classes. Congratulations!

Thames KC - June 8/9 2019 




Great day at Thames champ KC show, Lynx and Jemma's first show at G5 & they wins Grade 5 jumping - well done!


Wye Valley KC - June 1/2 2019 



Well done to Luna and Sandra, and their Medium Team today - qualifying for the Teams at Crufts in 2020 - hurray! 


Nottingham KC - May 26/27 2019



Well done to Ruth and Radar for doing so well in Nottingham - including qualifying for the Dog Vegas ABC Jumping Cup Final in July with a 2nd place. Hurray! 


Quadpaws May 25- June 2 2019



Ellie, with her winnings from Quadpaws week. A beautiful rainbow of rosettes. Big congratulations to Jane (and camping buddy Hannah)! 

Well what a great week for Fifo and Alfie. Moving from Novice to Senior in Steeplechase (then won their first run) from Beginners to Novice in Performance (winning both Jumping & Agility) and then the icing on the cake, went and won the Dogeria Performance Challenge! Now on their way to the Grand Finals!



Clever Zola and Sandrine won the two beginner steeplechase classes on the last day of Quadpaws! Moving them up to Novice - well done! 

It was all about the Beginners Jumping on Bank Holiday Monday at Quadpaws - Sandrine and Zola won their class, and then Fifo and Alfie won their class! Well done everyone! 


Go team Scout! Well done to Lily for coming 2nd in the SWAG qualifer at Quadpaws UKA - well done!

Blackdown KC - May 12, 2019 



What a great day at Blackdown KC show for Team Lynx and Team Ty! Lynx won the national jumping cup low height, qualifying for the final at the end of August she also won the LHO G4-5 agility taking her to G5.
Ty won the FH G4-5 agility taking him to G5 to! Well done!


UKA LADS - May 11/12, 2019


Sandra and Luna had a great day at UKA LADS today, winning the Champ agility, coming 2nd overall in the CSJ Qualifier. So they are off to the Grand Finals in Oct. Congratulations! 



Vyne KC Show - May 6, 2019



Well done to Sandrine and Zola - winning into G4 at Vyne! After winning G3 LHO Agility and coming 2nd in G3 LHO Jumping


Brilliant results for Radar and Ruth on Monday - winning G5 Jumping and 3rd in Grade 4/5 Agility! Go team Radar! 



Congratulations to Lynx and Jemma for winning G4 jumping - well done! 


Wallingford KC Show - April 27/28, 2019 




Well done to Rachel and Nitro Winning G5 Agility on the Saturday of Wallingford KC show on Newbury Showground! 


Kelluki Easter KC Show - April 21, 2019 


Well done to Clare and her clever dogs! Jimmy and Freddie had a very successful weekend at Kelluki and UKA Cheltenham. Winning lots of lovely rosettes. Well done! 

Go Zola and Sandrine -  an amazing day. Running 3 classes and winning 3 classes!!!! (2 agility and one jumping) Winning 3 lovely trophies (and Easter eggs!!) and a move up to Grade 4. Well done! 


Easter UKA - April 19/20 2019 


Well done to Sandra and Luna for winning the Norton Rosettes Circular KO Heat at UKA Easter. Midi Height - go Team Luna! 



Broadlands UKA - April 12/13/14 2019 


Well done to the Ginger Ninjas (Radar and Zola). Second in the Split Pair qualifers and now off to the UKA Grand Finals in October - hurray! 

Well done to Team Jimellu - Jimmy, Ellie and Luna - in the Agility World Team Tournament Heat - for coming a very close second. Well done ladies! 

GT UKA - April 2019


Sandra and Luna had a good weekend - winning a lovely selection of rosettes including a 1st in the Steeplechase. Well done to the lovely duo! 


Kicking off April in style - Jemma and Ty win SWAG Beginners Steeplechase Qualifer today at Newbury UKA - go team Ty! 

Kelluki - March 2019 


Saturday - well done to Lily and Scout for winning combined G3-G5 jumping and 2nd in the graded 3-5 jumping! Scout looking very proud with his trophies. 


Freddy and Jimmy did well at Kelluki today. Jimmy won the Grade 5 Jumping and came 5th in the Combined 3 to 5 Jumping Freddy came 2nd in the Grade 3 Agility. Well done Clare and clever dogs! 



On Sunday - Lynx won G4/5 agility - well done Jemma and Lynx



Ty won G4/G5 Jumping - go Team Ty! Sitting up straight and proud with his trophy. 

Kelluki - February 2019

Wins for three of UpAndover's Trainers today at Kelluki KC Show 
Fiona Boyne & Bud winning G4 Agility LH, 
Kevin Busby & Gibs winning G4 jumping LH, 
Jemma Parker & Lynx winning G4 jumping LH 
Jemma Parker winning G4 agility with Ty!

Well done all of you! 


Kelluki - January 2019

Congratulations to Claire and her two dogs - kicking of their year in style with a win at Grade 5 Jumping and a win at Grade 3 Agility - hurray!