2018 Successes

Success Story

Sandrine Farr and Zola

On 2nd September, Sandrine, and her young Collie bitch Zola, traveled north for thier first competition, Agility Nuts Kennel Club Show.  This was to prove a worthwhile journey, they took First Place in Grade 3 Jumping.




Sandrine and Zola are yet another graduate of our very successful 2017 puppy group led by Dee Dakin.   


The work done during our puppy training programme allowed Sandrine to build up the layers of skills required for running sequences when they moved through to the Tuesday night training group.



A week after their sucess at Agility Nuts another win, this time at Lydiard UKA Show.    Not only did they win the Beginners Jumping, they also  won the SWAG Beginners Steeeplechase heat, qualifying for the UKA National Finals in October.     


Another Grade 3 Jumping win followed at Southdowns KC Show along with a 2nd in the Combined Grades 1 - 7 Steeeplechase.  In Sandrine words "Not a Bad Start"  



Kennel Club – Gillingham, 1-2 September




Jemma and Ty won the Grade 3 Agility at their first every Kennel Club show.



Laura and Frankie got 3rd in their first Grade 5 Agility run and 10th overall in the Grade 3-5 Olympia qualifier.

UK Agility – Broadlands, 31 August – 2 September




Fifo and Alfie had a lovely weekend at Broadlands, with a first and a second in his first Novice Steeplechase runs.

Kennel Club – Q-Me, 25-26 August




Rachel and Nitro did well in the Combined 1-3 Agility by winning the class. They now go up to Grade 4.

Kennel Club – Nedlo, 21 July

Ruth and Radar



Ruth and Radar won the Grade 1-3 Jumping class at Nedlo. It’s their 3rd jumping win so they now move up to grade 4.




Sandra and Luna had 2 clears resulting 2nd place in Combined 4-7 Agility and Graded 5-7 Jumping.




Jemma and Joose did great, they won the Grade 5 Agility at Nedlo.

UK Agility – Just Sox, 30 June–1 July

Fifo and Alfie to the left of the SWAG Banner

A huge congratulations to Fifo and Alfie who qualified for the SWAG Beginners Steeplechase Grand Finals in October.

They came 2nd in the SWAG qualifier with Alfie’s best ever run in 24 secs!

Luke and Goose



Well done to Luke and Goose who win the SWAG Beginners Steeplechase which means they qualify for the UKA Grand Finals in October.    



Clare and Jimmy won both of their classes, gaining enought points for them to win up to Senior!

UK Agility – GT June, 22-24 June

Sandra and Luna



Sandra and Luna are off to the UKA Grand Finals in October after coming 2nd in the circular knockout. Great result!

Kennel Club – Thames DTC, 9-10 June



Sandra and Luna got 5th place in her 1st grade 7 Agility run, and also had a clear round in the Olympia agility qualifier.

Kennel Club – Wallingford, 21-22 April



Jane Price and Ellie got 9th place in Grade 5 Agility and clear rounds in Grade 5 and Grade 5-7 Jumping.



Fiona and Buddy got 2nd place in Grade 4 Agility at Wallingford.

Sandra and Luna


Sandra Jones and Luna won Grade 6 Jumping and went up to Grade 7! Well done, both!!



Laura and Frankie got 2nd place in Grade 3 Agility at Wallingford Show.

Kennel Club – Kelluki, 17 February



A great start to the season from Luna and Sandra at Kelluki. Luna placed 2nd in Combined Grade 6-7 Jumping and 1st in Grade 6-7 Agility.