2017 Successes

UK Agility – Grand Finals,  25-26 November

Dee and Roo

Congratulations to Dee and Roo who were the runners up in the South West Agility Goods Beginners Steeplechase final 2017!

Also commendable efforts, for making it to the UK Agility Grand Finals in 2017 go to:

Sandra Jones and Luna – Circular Knockout

Ruth MacGill and Radar - SWAG Beginners Steeplechase

Bridgitte Wyre and Lightning - SWAG Beginners Steeplechase

Kennel Club – Kelluki, 3 December


Sandra and Luna had fun at Kelluki. Luna placed 2nd in Graded 4-7 Agility and 4th in Combined 6/7 Agility.

UK Agility - BASE,  8-10 September


Sandra and Luna had a great weekend at UKA BASE. Luna had great runs, resulting in lots of rosettes in 1st and 2nd places.


Laura and Frankie placed 2nd in Senior Jumping, 1st in Senior Gamblers and 3rd in their first Champ Steeplechase.

Kennel Club – Gillingham, 2/3 September

L-R: Fenella & Ollie, Sandra & Kip, Fiona & Bud, Jemma & Joose and Laura & Frankie

Strike 4!!! Fennella and Ollie set the standard, winning into Grade 5, swiftly followed by Laura and Frankie, winning into Grade 2. Making it a hat-trick, Fiona and Bud won into Grade 4, and to seal the deal, Jemma and Joose won into Grade 5. Sandra and Kip also claimed a 2nd place.

Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy had their first weekend of running at Grade 4 and they placed 2nd in the Grade 4 Jumping (in the rain)!!

Kennel Club – Prestbury Park, 2/3 September

Dee and Roo

Dee and Roo placed 4th  in Combined Grade 4-5 Agility at Prestbury Park. This was their first run at Grade 4!

UK Agility - Hawbridge, 19-21 & 26-28 August 


Sandra and Luna win the Circular Knockout taking them to the Grand Finals in November. They also had 3 x 2nd places.


Fifo and Alfie had their first clear round in Beginners which placed them 3rd in the Steeplchase! It was their last UKA run this year, so a great finish!


Laura and Frankie got a 2nd place in Senior Jumping and a 1st place in Senior Steeplechase, this now moves them up to Champ steeplechase!

Kennel Club - Q-Me, 26 August


Sandra and Luna had a lovely day at Q-me agility at Bath racecourse. Luna did some lovely runs and got her hard weave entries. They gained a 1st place.

UK Agility - RUFFS, 22/23 August

Ruth and Radar

Ruth and Radar win the SWAG Beginners Steeplechase. They qualify for the National Finals in November 2017.



Jane and Ellie had a good weekend. They placed 1st in Champ Jumping, 2nd in Champ Snakes & Ladders and a clear round in Champ Steeplechase.

Kennel Club - International Agility Festival, 10-13 August 


Roo with all his rosettes from his first KC Agility Festival. Out of 7 runs, handled by Lily, he gained 5 places – a 4th and a 7th in Grade 3 Jumping, 5th, 6th and 21st in Grade 3 agility (all classes were 220+ dogs).  


Clare and Jimmy had a really good time at the Agility Festival. They came 1st in the Grade 4 agility which now moves them up, into grade 5.

UK Agility - Nationals, 29 July - 6 August 


Laura and Frankie had a great time at the Nationals. They had 1st places in Senior Steeplchase, 2nd places in Senior Steeplechase and Senior Games and a 4th place in Games.

Luna and Kip

Sandra and Luna had a lovely few days at the Nationals with some great runs. Here is Luna with her collection of red (1st place) rosettes.


Kennel Club - Nedlo Agility, 22/23 July 

Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy achieved a 3rd place in Combined Grade 1-4 Jumping at Lower height. There were 88 dogs jumping that height.

Lily and Roo

Lily ran Roo in Graded 1-3 Agility and only went and won the class!

Kennel Club - FAB, 15/16 July 


Well done to Ruth and Radar who placed 1st in Grade 1-3 Jumping!

Sandra and Luna

Sandra and Luna had a great day. They placed 1st in Grade 6-7 Agility and also placed 1st in Combined 6-7 Jumping with 5 faults.


Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy had another great weekend. They placed 1st in Grade 3 Agility securing his place as a Grade 4 dog!

UK Agility - Just Sox, 8/9 July 

Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy had an enjoyable weekend where they got 2nd place in Champ Steeplchase I.


Laura and Frankie placed 1st and 2nd in Senior Steeplechase, NQ 2nd Novice Jumping and 1st in Novice Gamblers.

Kennel Club - Golden Valley DTC, 19/20 June 


Sandra H and Kiska got two 1sts, both in Jumping, 1st in Agility and also 2nd in Agility. These results move them into Grade 6.

UK Agility - Aldon, 17/18 June 


Laura and Frankie placed 2nd  in Novice Steeplechase which moves them up to Senior. They also placed 1st  NQ in Novice Agility

Kennel Club - Thames, 10/11 June


Fenella and Ollie came away with two clear rounds, one of which was a 7th place rosette.

UK Agility - QuadPaws, 27 May - 4 June 

Fifo and Alfie

Fifo and Alfie came 1st in Casual Steeplechase. This was Aflie’s first ever run at his first show!


Laura and Frankie had a good few days at QuadPaws placing 1st in Novice Games, Agility and Steeplechase, a couple of 2nd places and a 3rd place.

Kennel Club - Wallingford, 22/23 April

Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy came 5th in Grade 3 Agility and placed 27th (out of 249 dogs) in Combined Grade 1-4 Adams Jumping Cup Qualifier.

Dee and Roo


Dee and Roo came 3rd in Grade 3 Agility at Wallingford KC in Newbury.


Fenella and Ollie got a wonderful clear which led to a lovely 5th place rosette.

UK Agility - Easter Agility Show, 14-17 April

Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy placed 4th in Champ Steeplechase II. The top 4 places were all very similar in time.

UK Agility - Broadlands, 8-10 April 


Jane and Ellie had a good weekend - 2nd in Champ Jumping, 2nd in Champ Steeplechase I, 3rd in Champ Agility, 4th in Champ Gamblers and a clear round (5th) in Champ Steeplchase II. 5 rosettes out of 7 runs.

Phillippa and Roy

Phillippa and Roy had a lovely run and placed 3rd in Champ Steeplchase II.


Laura and Frankie got a 4th in Beginners Jumping, 3rd in Beginners Steeplechase and 1st in Beginners Agility. They now move out of Beginners into Novice.

Kennel Club - Adams Show, 19 march 


Clare Bedford and Jimmy came 1st in the grade 1-4 Agility and came 5th in the grade 1-7 Jumping moving him up to grade 4.