Club Clothing

Club clothing is available from Happy Fish. You can choose any item in black, red or white.  They are also carrying a range of tri-coloured clothing for us this year.

Our logo for the clothing has been prepared and, remember, you can have any item in club colours.  Futhermore, if you see other items on other websites or while out and about, get details of the make and code number and we will try to arrange for Happy Fish to stock them.

Most popular items

Finden Hales Men's Fleece Jacket LV550 with the UpAndOver log

Finden Hales Ladies' Fleece Jacket LV551 with the UpAndOver logo 

Finden Hales Men's Performance Team Polo shirt with the UpAndOver logo 

Finden Hales Ladies' Team Performance Polo Shirt with the UpAndOver logo 

Gilden DryBlend Polo Shirt GC41 with the UpAndOver logo 

Gilden DryBlend Polo Shirt GD 74 with the UpAndOver logo 

Tomba TL45 Lightweight Training Top with the UpAndOver logo 


Want to have a  go at Agility?   Try our Fun Taster Session Thursday 20th September 2018.   Keep checking back here  for more details. 


UpAndOver Dog Agility Club came into existence on 1 September 2013 but remains very much the same club as it was, under the charge of Mark and Karen Laker, as UpAndOver Agility Dogs.