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Dee Dakin

Maloney 1st Grade 1 Weimaraner League 2012

I own two Weimaraners; Jasper and Maloney (a long-haired).  I have competed with both, however, my daughter Lily has caught the agility bug and now competes in Junior competitions with Jasper.  I compete with Maloney. 

In 2012 we came top of the Grade 1 Weimaraner League. At the Kennel Club International Festival 2013 we qualified for the Starters’ Cup Finals.  We have also qualified for the Colimanor Starters’ Cup in 2014.  

I have been training at UpAndOver for 6 years and been an agility trainer for 18 months.  Previously I have taught the Beginners’ class, and currently I teach the Foundation class on a Thursday evening.  I have gained the Agility1st Instructor award and am currently working towards the Agility1st Instructor XL award.

Fiona Boyne

Fiona and Buddy

I been doing agility for around 15 years and my background in horse sport has allowed me to develop a keen eye and interest in movement, particularly jumping technique and how the shape of the dog influences the way it tackles the challenges of agility.   My current job in a veterinary practice allows me to further this interest through access to scientific articles on canine sports medicine research.


I first started helping club members with jumping problems around 2005 and have trained most of the groups at one time or another.    My first dog was a medium sized Terrier called Dyson, he had a very timely sense of humour which challenged my patience at times but always managed to  make me laugh.  When he was on form he was amazing and took me to the Main Ring at the Kennel Club International Festival abeit in the "Rest of the World" team. 


As I did the in horse world, where I worked with Olympic team members and trainers, I have been lucky to learn from some of the best agility trainers in the country.    I enjoy passing this knowledge on to others and nothing gives me a bigger thrill than seeing a pupil achieve no matter how great or small that victory is.

Fiona is Agility 1st Qualified and is working towards the Agility 1st Coaching qualification






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UpAndOver Dog Agility Club came into existence on 1 September 2013 but remains very much the same club as it was, under the charge of Mark and Karen Laker, as UpAndOver Agility Dogs.