Dee Dakin

Dee has been training and competing in agility for 10 years.  She currently trains and competes with a long haired weimaraner; Roo.  Roo is just 4 years old and they currently complete at KC grade 5.  Together Dee and Roo qualified for the UKA Beginners’ Steeplechase semi final in 2017, made it through to the final and came a very respectable runner up!  Roo is Dee's third dog.  Previously she competed with Jasper and Maloney; two other Weimaraners.  Jasper was her first dog that started agility training. Dee started to compete with him, but her daughter then caught the agility bug, and she took over Jasper's training and competing. Dee then trained and competed with Maloney.  They qualified and took part in the KC Starters’ Cup in 2013 and 2014 at Discover Dogs. 


Dee has been a trainer at UpAndOver for 6 years.  Most of that time has been as a trainer teaching puppies and young dogs.  Dee's training is positive, and reward based, using experience to work out what works best for each individual human and canine team.  Activities with this age of dog focus on foundation skills including confidence building, body awareness, jump skills, motivation and control, all of which underpin the skills needed to compete in agility.


Dee loves teaching and seeing those that she has helped progress through the club honing theirs and their dogs’ skills until they are at a level to compete.

Fiona Boyne

Fiona and Buddy

I been doing agility for around 15 years and my background in horse sport has allowed me to develop a keen eye and interest in movement, particularly jumping technique and how the shape of the dog influences the way it tackles the challenges of agility.   My current job in a veterinary practice allows me to further this interest through access to scientific articles on canine sports medicine research.


I first started helping club members with jumping problems around 2005 and have trained most of the groups at one time or another.    My first dog was a medium sized Terrier called Dyson, he had a very timely sense of humour which challenged my patience at times but always managed to  make me laugh.  When he was on form he was amazing and took me to the Main Ring at the Kennel Club International Festival abeit in the "Rest of the World" team. 


As I did the in horse world, where I worked with Olympic team members and trainers, I have been lucky to learn from some of the best agility trainers in the country.    I enjoy passing this knowledge on to others and nothing gives me a bigger thrill than seeing a pupil achieve no matter how great or small that victory is.


Fiona is Agility 1st Qualified and is working towards the Agility 1st Coaching qualification

Fenella Hill

Fenella starting doing agility in 2007 with her then 2 year old working Cocker Poppy. Initilally, it was only ever for fun and something to channel Poppy’s energy and work her brain. As their partnership grew a friend persuaded Fenella to go to some shows and give competing a go, which they did and somehow they 'got the bug'. 

Fenella has since gone on to train and compete a further 2 cockers, Hattie and Ollie. With Ollie winning into Grade 5 in 2017. Training Ollie has not always been easy as he is very sensitive and this has given Fenella a good understanding and  a lot of patience, this has been really useful information that she has passed on to help others.


Having been a member of UpAndover since 2012, Fenella has received a huge amount of assistance and support from trainers at the club. She is now embarking on a new journey with her puppy, Radley, and having great fun growing their partnership and building on a lot of agility foundation work, which is key to any dog and handlers partnership. 

Fenella recently completed a Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour and is currently undertaking the Agility 1st Instructors course.  She really enjoys working with people and loves seeing students progress, in particularly seeing them achieve success whether that be completing something they previously couldn't do, or winning classes and progressing through the grades.


Kevin Busby 

Kevin has been involved in agility since his first Border Collie came along, some 19+years ago. He is now running his 5th Border collie and has seen many changes in this fun sport. Having trained with a number of Crufts and Olympia winners over the years, he has seen agility training progress from an amateur sport to the professional sport that it is today. He totally believes that the bond that you get with your furry friends with the fun and enjoyment you get training and competing cannot be beaten.

With his third Border Collie getting to Grade 6 and a number of finals, including winning the UKA beginners Steeplechase final, Kevin is a firm believer that anyone with the right training and hard work can do well within the sport. However, if you just wish to spend time and fun with your dog. Agility cannot be beaten for its experience.

As a trainer, he also now enjoy passing his experience onto UpAndover members and their furry friends…

Jane Price

Jane's family had a dog when she was born—a Cairn Terrier called Bunty. Then, when she was 8, they inherited a Jack  Russell Terrier puppy called Titch who lived for 17 years, by which time, Jane had left home, been through University and got married. Unfortunately, she did not have a dog of her own until she was 30 - her lifestyle was not suitable. However, during this time she fell in love with Bearded Collies.


Jane's first dog, Tess (Black Lilitt vom Karthäuser Hain 1990-2005), was her first slate Beardie, which she bought whilst living in Germany. Maren (Toriavic Bobby Brown 1995-2006), her second was a beautiful brown. They were both lovely, well-behaved dogs but never did agility; it was only near the end of Maren's life that a friend of Janes introduced her to agility, so when Maren passed away she decided her next puppy would start agility when old enough


Jane did the Introduction to agility course with UpAndOver Agility Dogs in October 2007 and has been a member since January 2008.  She currently has two Beardies, Hannah (Willowmead Royal Hannah b. 2 August 2006) and Ellie (Willowmead Glenlossie b. 12 April 2011).  Hannah is a blue Beardie and Ellie is another lovely brown.  Hannah is currently retired having reached UK Agility Championship Level with the titles WCAP CAP V CSC III OAA OAC and Ellie currently competes at UK Agility Championship Level and in the Masters’ Series.  She has attained the titles WCAP CAP III CSC III OAC.  Both of Jane's girls have competed at the UK Agility Grand Finals.

Jane is also a qualified UK Agility Judge and an experienced Ring Manager and you can usually find her every weekend managing a ring at a UK Agility Show!

What Jane loves the most about UpAndOver is not only the brilliant training everyone receives but also the sense of belonging to a social group.  "The friends I've made at UpAndOver are friends for life and I hope to make many more in the future."

Jemma Parker

Jemma always loved dogs and from a young age she wanted to work with border collies. She started her agility life back in 2008. Her first collie was Jess, and after competing for a few years with numorous successes including reaching Grade 6 and Masters UKA, she was hooked. She got her second collie Mac in 2014 and more recently Lynx in 2017. Her newest collie has just joined the family, although he will be focusing on sheepdog working and trials.


Of her four dogs, Lynx will be Jemma’s focus in 2019. Although she only started competing at the end of 2018 at 18 months, this clever, quick little collie has already won two agility classes (at only her second show) taking her to Grade 4.


As well as running her own dogs, Jemma also runs and train three of Sharon Marsh’s (UpAndover’s Secretary) Border Collies -  Riley, Joose and Ty. She won numorous awards with Riley before he retired, and got both dogs to Grade 6. Ty who is only 2 years won his first agility class at his first Kennel Club show taking him to Grade 4.


She is look forward to competing in 2019 with Lynx and Ty, two very talented young dogs!


As Trainer (and one half of the social manager team), Jemma’s focus is on training the G4 and upwards members at UpAndover. Her calm, supportive, intuitive approach has helped many of her pupils achieve great results in 2018.  She loves seeing dogs train and compete, but most importantly it’s about people having fun with their dogs. Her social duties include managing the Christmas party, supporting the ring party dates and providing refreshments when visiting trainers visit the club. 




2019 Important Dates 



Beginners Course

We are full booked at the moment and have no vacancies. The next course is on hold till later in the year. 


28 April - Sunday

Ring Party at Wallingford KC Show - thanks to everyone that took part supporting judge Chris O'Leary.  


Joining the club

The annual subscription is £5. Charges for classes are dependent on the level and day on which you train (please ask when applying to join)  

Annual subscriptions to the club are due on January 1st each year and the AGM is held in the November each year.